About VizTV

About VizTV


This website is a sub-domain of the VizFact Dot Com network, which we will refer to from here on in as VizTV, was originally meant to serve as a headquarters for the video production efforts of VizFact (the dear leader).

When VizTV video production stopped, and this site was sitting dormant, the decision was made to feature other non-VizTV content to keep the site relevant, updated, and to add depth to the site. No one likes a dead website right?

In the interest of furthering the thought process of the common man, and adding depth to the network, we decided to lean heavily in the direction of documentaries and conspiracy flicks rather than random videos from various video sharing sites like Vimeo and YouTube.

That doesn’t mean we don’t have our fair share of fun, we are not too snobby to add videos that our friends may have made, or videos that may be off topic like music videos and movies.

Although we do have our fair share of mainstream Hollywood blockbusters and music videos, our main purpose is to add videos made by VizTV, documentaries, and anything that may further the thought process by helping the growth of critical thought amongst all mortal beings.

We, the members of Team VizFact, extend our greatest gratitude and thanks for having the honor of having you on our network.




From VizFact!

Thanks for visiting VizTV! I really hope to make this portion of the network a big success for Team VizFact, me, and all those whose videos are featured. Over time, lots of functionality will be added to this sub-domain including the ability for users to upload video.

That upload video feature is far off, but definitely something I want to do for the network and for people who are looking for an alternative to the common video sharing apparatus available now.



More About VizTV

While the original goal was to feature videos I made, I decided that no one wants to sit around and watch my videos all day so it would be best to be a good webizen and feature the works of others which are already hosted on most of the popular video sharing sites, but deserved some space on VizTV.

Only videos of the highest quality (and/or intellectual spark) are featured on this sub-domain. Other videos that may be important, but not of the highest quality, will likely be blogged about on the top level domain, vizfact.com.



Join Us!

Would you like to join Team VizFact?

The network doesn’t earn much money, right now, to offer due to its young age, but if you are willing to join a team of fun loving, truth seeking, web publishers you are welcome to email viz at: admin at vizfact.com.

Just indicate your willingness to learn new things and your willingness to work to build, what might one day be, the next big media outlet and you will likely be accepted to join us.