Aftermath: Population Zero

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Aftermath: Population Zero

They wanna kill us all and “they” have already brainstormed on what the world will look like after they get rid of us. Aside from my premature panicking this is a very interesting piece of work by National Geographic.

This video explores ideas like what would happen to skyscrapers, or domestic animals in the absence of humanity. Population Zero is a basic brainstorming of a post human era on Earth.

Other ideas visited, or things we wanted to say about Aftermath Population Zero include;

  • What may happen with power and running machines if every human just poofed and disappeared?
  • They say everyone is gone, but there are no bodies. Where did everyone go? What happened to our carcasses?
  • The DVD was produced by Stephen Milton in 2008, and can be purchased by clicking the image to your right.
  • Dogs left behind by their owners are covered in population zero.
  • The fate of nuclear storage facilities is discussed and reviewed just in case humanity disappeared.
  • If we’re all gone, who cares what would happen to the environment? Clearly this documentary is some sort of psychological operation of some sort.
  • 1.4 million cattle would go to waste and not serve out their destiny to become hamburgers in the event that people disappeared.
  • Aftermath: Population Zero features videos of elephants, cows, big cats, and little bitty monkeys and assumes we should give a damn about them if we are all gone.
  • A camel took a visit to a cemetery at 19:50.
  • In a world without humans the electricity would go off. Without electricity, birds will thrive because skyscrapers kill them by making them fly around in circles due to the lights emitted by skyscrapers being mistaken for the stars that birds are alleged to use for navigation.  Keyword: Alleged.


Aftermath: Population Zero

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