Alien Planet

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Alien Planet

Alien Planet is a fictional documentary about two robots, built on Earth, searching for life on some fictional planet named Darwin IV. This documentary was first shown on the Discovery channel.

Alien Planet is based on book written by Sci-fi writer Wayne Douglas Barlowe. Barlowe was the executive producer of this fictional documentary. They used computer generated graphics to pull off the effects in the film, and features great minds like Stephen Hawking, George Lucas, and Michio Kaku in the blah blah portions.

Key Points Illustrated in Alien Planet;

  • Takes place on an imaginary world 6.5 light years away.
  • Darwin IV, the pretend planet, has two suns, 60% gravity, and a life supporting atmosphere.
  • A search for microbiological life was the intention, but they found a world teeming with alien lifeforms of all types.
  • Due to the complexity of the mission, the probes will have to be able to think on their own, justifying the use of artificial intelligence.
  • The robots looking for alien life will need to be able to communicate with each other, and on Earth.
  • Just because there are lots of stars Michio Kaku swears there are millions of aliens and alien planets.
  • Water vapor would be the fuel for the robots. It would be converted to hydrogen.


Alien Planet

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