America: From Freedom To Fascism

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Freedom to Fascism, as the documentary movie is commonly referred to, is an investigative documentary film by Aaron Russo which uncovers the hidden truth of the evils of the taxation imposed on the American people by international bankers. The film also establishes as a matter of fact that taxation, ala the income tax, is illegal according to the laws on the books (or not on the books) in the United States of America.

America: From Freedom To Fascism

Points Covered in America: From Freedom To Fascism

  • The income tax came right along with the Federal Reserve, one of the main points the films digs into as it makes its case that proceeds of the income tax go into the pockets of powerful bankers.
  • The Federal Reserve was one way of taking over the American Government.
  • The income tax was never ratified as law, and is a fraud according to the film.
  • Taxation on labor is supposed to be illegal however, it stands as the greatest fraud perpetrated on Americans.
  • Also, the Federal Reserve Act which empowers the Income Tax is unconstitutional.
  • According to the law, the Congress should be controlling the money supply and not the private bankers who rule the world now.
  • There is no law mandating that the American people pay slave taxes, or in our case, an income tax.

The power to tax is the power to destroy.

– Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall


There is no law on the books that requires Americans to pay the Income Tax.

  • The IRS is known for destroying people’s lives. Some feel the IRS are akin to Hitler’s Brown Shirts, or Mafia Style shakedown boys.
  • The Federal Reserve is a private bank and NOT a federal agency.
  • We don’t know, and can’t seem to find out who owns the Federal Reserve.
  • Federal Express isn’t federal either, but they don’t have the authority to counterfeit money, loan it to the Federal Government, and charge taxes and interest on it.
  • If Congress used its authority to shutdown the Federal Reserve System the American people will be better off and out of the range of influence of the slave masters known as “international bankers”.
  • The debt money system is a result of the truths exposed in Freedom to Fascism, and is considered a form of legal enslavement.
  • Both houses of Congress are irrelevant, America’s foreign policy is determined by the International Monetary fund, and domestic economic policies are run by the Federal Reserve and international bankers.


America: From Freedom To Fascism | Documentary

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