America’s Deadliest Weapon: The B2 Stealth Bomber

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The B-2 bomber is one of the most deadly weapons of war in existence today. They have never been detected or targeted in battle and carry a deadly payload whose intent isn’t friendly. I’d hate to be at war with a nation in possession of these flying beast. It gives me visions of sneak attack sky roast.America’s Deadliest Weapon - The B2 Stealth Bomber

This documentary begins with a review of the history of aerial bombing leading up to modern war technology.

Also in America’s Deadliest Weapon: The B2 Stealth Bomber;

  • The B2 bomber is capable of going anywhere in the world undetected.
  • The stealth bomber has never been targeted or detected when flying over enemy airspace and is the most advance flying machine soaring the skies today.
  • The B2 bomber gets its roots from the days of World War I and World War II.
  • The design of the B2 Stealth Bomber is based on a flying wing concept (YB-49) by Jack Northrup.



America’s Deadliest Weapon: The B2 Stealth Bomber

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