Beyond Human: The Cyborg Revolution

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Beyond Human: The Cyborg Revolution

Cyborgs? The future of the modern world and of our species is approaching fast and this documentary should give you a better idea of whats coming our way. One of these days you might just need an oil change.

Information reviewed in this video documentary about cyborgs and human metal doohickies include;

  • A day when machines may walk among us.
  • Cybernetic Organisms.
  • Robots.
  • Manufacturing a humanoid that can function as a member of society.
  • The merger of man and machine, into a cyborg.
  • Building a better human body using technology and making it faster, stronger, smarter. The future human.
  • Over the past 10 years 11 million people worldwide have artificial body parts, including synthetic hearts, corneas, titanium hearts, mechanical hands, and legs.
  • Engineering a new race of people for life in outer space.
  • Microchips with biological censors that may communicate and connect with the human brain.
  • Artificial vision systems based on sending electrical signals into the nervous system. This may also be used to help people who may be in a vegetative state.
  • Giving sight to the blind.
  • Chip implants for the general public.
  • Using nanotech, or small robots, in the human bloodstream to aid with medical treatment.
  • Miniature robots for medical treatment.
  • We already have computers that build themselves, even at the molecular level. [Molecular microchips.]
  • Checking out the internet via your sunglasses.
  • In the future you may have the technology to know a person by simply looking at them. It makes me think of having Facebook integrated into my super futuristic cyborg sunglasses or something of that nature. This is a very interesting documentary indeed.

Androids were also discussed in Beyond Human. From stupid little Japanese robots to real series metal beasts, the future is here.

Interesting points discussed in the android portion of the series include;

  • Using robots to do human chores.
  • By 1995, billions of dollars had been spent on developing artificial intelligence.
  • Honda Motor company is trying to learn to create a robot body, and a robot mind, that operate in unison and can learn.
  • The stupid looking Japanese cyborg called the p3 is a remarkable example of how far “The New Robotics” has come.
  • Giving machines the sense of touch.
  • Giving machines hand/eye coordination was also discussed.
  • Few cyborg are able to make sense of what they see.

Beyond Human: The Cyborg Revolution

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