Child Slavery with Rageh Omaar

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This powerful documentary takes us into the often unseen and disrespected realm of 21st century child slavery. Rageh Omaar presents this documentary in such a way as to captivate, while at the same time informing, the viewing audience.

It is estimated that there are as many as 8.5 million child slaves around the world and this documentary attempts to uncover the truth about this evil business practice.

Notables from Child Slavery with Rageh Omaar

  • A 10 year old boy who works over 15 hours per day is interviewed.
  • In one the features, a child gold miner was highlighted. He doesn’t earn much. His name is Freddy.
  • In some ways, economic conditions create volunteer slaves in which poverty is the slave master rather than the direct force of man.
  • For the most part, the children who work in this film, do it voluntarily in contrast to the misleading title.

Most of the alleged slavery in this video isn’t slavery or forced labor.

Child Slavery with Rageh Omaar

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