China From The Inside

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China From the Inside is documentary about Communist China, an ancient civilization that is still around, and relevant. China is growing as a power with aims at leading the world. However, The People’s Republic of China lacks justice in a lot of areas. The gap between rich and poor are getting wider and the less fortunate of China hardly have a voice.

China From THe Inside

In China From The Inside…

  • Communist China is officially an Atheist state.
  • You can’t be a Muslim of a Christian, and be part of the Communist Party of China.
  • If anyone uses “religion to affect national security” they get an old fashion crackdown.
  • Mao Zedong is the founder of the modern Chinese Communist party.
  • The Chinese government feels it has a duty to manage China, and her peoples. In Chinese, the word manage has serious implications.
  • Free Tibet!
  • The Chinese feel that Tibet “is a place to be controlled” due to the strong presence of religion.
  • The Chinese soil is polluted, her fruit trees are dying, the water is dirty, all due to China’s rapid economic growth.
  • The Chinese have more pollution cities in their borders than any other country in the world.
  • Mae Zedong urged the Chinese to conquer nature, and be free from it.
  • Chinese corporations dump their trash, waste water, sewage, ammonia, cyanide, and other  chemicals in the rivers. The rivers are used for farm irrigation. Treating waste, and managing pollution eats into profits of these corporations who are partly owned by the government.
  • The Chinese government is proudly corrupt. (Sarcasm)
  • The cancer rate of the people have grown from 1 in 100,000, to 1 in one 100. At least 2 million people die of cancer every year in China.
  • The water pollution levels are graded on a scale of 1-5, 1 being the greatest. Over 75% of all of Chinese rivers are level 4, half of these are beyond level 5, making most of China’s water unfit for human use.
  • The Chinese government will build new man made rivers over the coarse of 50 years.

China From The Inside

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