The Devil’s Bible

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This big ass book  is alleged to be the 8th wonder of the world, and also said to be the Devil’s bible, is damn-near praised and worshiped in this National Geographic documentary.

The book is said to have a hidden power feel to it, whatever that means. I’d take a piss on it if given the chance. It’s also said to contain spells, medical remedies, and hooptie dooptie magic tricks in it.

devil's bible

Also in The Truth Behind the Devil’s Bible

  • The book is said to have had to have taken decades to write, however, the author is said have completed the writing of The Devil‘s bible in one night.
  • All previous owners of the book have died, or had hard lives in one way or another after owning the book. all who owned the book faced disaster.
  • The book was alleged to have been written by a monk.
  • Its a big ass book.
  • Codex Gigas = big ass book, in Latin.
  • The book alleged to contain all human knowledge, and both versions of The Holy Bible.
  • The monk who wrote the book was being punished, and he wasn’t expected to be able to complete the book by morning after the night he was thrown in captivity, until he asked for help from Satan. According to legend, Satan assisted him. The monk sold his soul to the devil to write the book. The monastery of the monk who wrote the Codex Gigas went through bankruptcy, and had to sell the book. The bubonic plague fell upon the monastery that bought it.
  • The book is 3 foot long, and 165 pounds and perfect fuel for a campfire.
  • The Swedish Library has a digitized copy of the book.
  • Literary experts believe the book was written by an amateur scribe.
  • They tried to make it sound like the scribe was inspired by honor, and not evil. Give me a EFFING break!

The Devil’s Bible

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