Evacuate Earth

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In another one of those silly documentaries from The History channel, we get their view on the idea of evacuating the Earth. The human population has been able to grow, and hasn’t faced a catastrophic global catastrophe as of late, leading to possibly false sense of comfort.

Bad Things That Can Warrant the Evacuation of Earth;

  • A comet collision with the surface of the Earth.
  • If Yogi’s park explodes. (Yellowstone National Park)
  • If we were bombarded with objects from space. (Large Objects)
  • A neutron star. (A stellar corpse of a star.) Neutron stars are not confined to a solar system, they move around and travel in space due to being catapulted across space by a supernova. If it a neutron star was heading for the Earth, there would be no way to destroy the star, or redirect its course. The neutron star would likely destroy our solar system in its current form.

Also Discussed in Evacuate Earth

  • If we had to evacuate Earth, they have already accepted the fact that we would not be able to transport Earth’s population in full.
  • What kind of ship would use? Chemical based propulsion ships would be out of the question.
  • Plasma propulsion is a serious contender to replace chemical propulsion. Using electricity rather than chemicals. However, plasma would need chemical fuel to operate.
  • Using a solar sail to propel the spacecraft using the light of the sun was also discussed. However, as you get farther away from the sun, you lose propulsion.
  • Antimatter energy was also discussed. Antimatter energy is over 100,000 times more potent per pound than anything we know of. However, we are advanced enough to know how to control, or handle, antimatter.
  • The best way to propel the ship may be to use nuclear bombs, or nuclear explosions. A project was developed in the 1960’s named Orion, which had a working model.

Evacuate Earth

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