Hacker’s Wanted

| November 20, 2012 | 1 Comment

Hackers Wanted aka Can You Hack It?

This documentary looks at Adrian Lamo, a famous hacker, and looks at his hacking antics to get an understanding of the thought trends in the cyber universe.

This unreleased documentary was directed by Sam Bozzo and it explores the nature and origins of hackers.

This film was released as result of a leak to BitTorrent, and was never officially released.

Learn More About Hackers Wanted at Wikipedia, or IMDB.

Our commentary and stuff from the film we took the liberty of pointing out are below;

  • Computers play a central role in everything from finances to water, thus hackers must be taken very seriously.
  • Cyber-terrorism, as a term, is given credibility. (Cybercrime should be good enough, right? Everybody’s gotta be a terrorist now days.)
  • Different types of malware are described.
  • The term hacking was assigned to one who uses ingenuity to overcome problems, or make modifications to an already existing structure. The word hack was born of the model train, and made it way to the computer, and cyber culture.
  • Phones, back in the day, were commonly hacked by using sound pitches with whistles.
  • Some Indian dude garbled out something at almost halfway through the movie. Something to do with nuclear, India, and Pakistan…or something.
  • Terrorism.


Hackers Wanted (Can You Hack It?)

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