Hell’s Angels

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The infamous Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Gang are revealed in this interesting Gangland documentary produced for the History Channel. The Hell’s Angels are the largest, richest, and most powerful motorcycle club.

The Hell’s Angels (According To the Video);

  • The Outlaws are the mortal enemy are the Hell’s Angels.
  • They use bombs, guns, and bloodshed when they are disrespected.
  • They are 1%er’s, and love meth amphetamines.
  • T.C.B. = Take care of business. The Hell’s Angels take care of business. This concept is important to them.
  • Their rivals are The Bandidos Motorcycle Club, The Pagans, The Mongols, and The Outlaws. They have overlapping territory and maintain fiercely exclusive membership.
  • Back in 2002 at Harras, a Nevada casino, The Hell’s Angels went in on the Mongols. Over 120 bikers were arrested in the aftermath of the bloody melee.
  • The Hell’s Angels also give to charity and raise money for children.
  • The Hell’s Angels got their name from a World War II air squadron in 1948.
  • The club started in California, then expanded to Nebraska, and are now Worldwide.
  • The club also has meetings and operates under a disciplined military structure.
  • The like to use ball peen hammers on people they have problems with. The tool is legal to carry.
  • The Hell’s Angels are the only home grown American crime group (family) that has expanded around the world.

Hell’s Angels

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