Monarch: The New Phoenix Program

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The practice of assassinating those who were thought to side with the Viet-Cong during the Vietnam War was called The Phoenix Program.

According to this documentary, The Phoenix Program is the basis for a new modern version of the program known as “Monarch”.

Thousands of Americans who disagree with the God-Like federal government may be being targeted by this program.

The killing weapon for this new assassination racket is supposedly long range microwave technology.

The goal of Monarch is to selectively assassinate political dissidents without leaving a trace.

The Department of Defense has massive investments in sci-fi type, futuristic technology that may be able to kill a human target with ionized electricity, or microwave electricity, from a distance.

Official Website: Monarch Concepts Inc.

Monarch: The New Phoenix Program;

  • Systematic assassination of political dissidents was proven to be effective during the Vietnam War.
  • Soft Kill, Slow Kill, and Silent Kill refer to a new style of killing enemies with regard to modern social warfare.
  • Synthetic psychotronic technology can be used to murder mentally from a distance.
  • Slow and silent kills using soft radio frequency technology is a new weapon, born of the MK Ultra program, which is a child of the experiments on captured Jews in the NAZI concentration camps of World War II. Human Radiation Studies, Mind Control, Ect.,
  • Emotions of anger can be sent via radiological signal sent to your brain by a controller.
  • Electronic Dissolution of Memory (EDOM) refers to a secret government technology used to erase human memory at a distance.
  • Secret silent assassins have allegedly been created, and activated, using mind control, or signals transmitted to the human brain from a distance.

Monarch: The New Phoenix Program

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