On Death Row in Texas – Darlie Routier

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Darlie Routier, a Texas woman, was convicted of capital murder in the great state of Texas and was sentenced to death for her murdering of innocent children. She will be put to death in the fine town of Huntsville, Texas.

On Death Row in Texas – Darlie Routier

Darlie Routier was convicted of murdering her two children, Devon and Damon Routier.darlie-routier-injuries-2 She stabbed them to death, a personal form of murder done up close and personal.

Even the first responders doubted her innocence when she was more concerned with whether or not her jewelry had been stolen and the smudging of “the suspect’s” fingerprints on the murder weapon (that she saw the need to use) over the welfare of her children. darlie-routier-injuries-3

(The dirty bitch should bake in the oven at 150 degrees for a lasting effect.)

There was no intruder, however, she should have blamed a black man for traditional reasons. She did have wounds, but they were obviously self inflicted when you look at the photos.


Self Inflicted? These are not stab wounds. These are slice wounds.

Darlie also contemplated suicide per the writings in her diary mainly due to her thirst for money, and her wish to not deal with the challenges in life.

Staged evidence also contributed to her conviction. There was no intruder, and of the 100’s of samples of DNA taken, none were unidentifiable.

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