Teenage Japanese Killers

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It seems that the teenagers in Japan have gone a killing spree. This documentary is about a new trend in Japan of middle classed teenagers, with no criminal records, engaging in indiscriminate killing of classmates, kids, and others. Most of the killings has horror movie themes. This can include decapitation, carving knives, and the most grotesque forms of murder.

Teenage Japanese Killers

In the video, detail is given about a few of the murderous attacks, however, one the attacks sounded familiar to attack in Georgia that left a kid dead, suffocated, from being rolled up in gym mattress.

In one case, a teenager kidnapped a 11 year old child, cut his head off, and left it on the gate post at a school.


Some of the motivations for these killings, are the spirit of the Pearl Harbor attack, as well as hopes of joining the Yakuza.

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