The Book That Can’t Be Read – The Voynich Manuscript

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The Voynich Manuscript

National Geographic – The Book that Can’t Be Read

Leading experts discuss the mysteries of the unbreakable code in the Voynich Manuscript.

Notes We Saw as being Worthy of Taking;

  • An antique dealer from New York named Wilfrid Voynich had too much time and money on his hands and bought this book and wasted his life trying to decode it. He bought it in 1912 according to untrustworthy sources at Wikipedia.
  • This book is often called “the world’s most mysterious manuscript”.
  • The book is about 200 pages and has, what they call, strange pictures drawn throughout.
  • The Voynich Manuscript is kept in a secure library at Yale.
  • Radio-carbon dating done by Dr. Greg Hodgins of the University of Arizona, puts the manuscript’s creation  between 1404 A.D. to 1438 A.D. This data nullified all previous thoughts about when the book was authored.
  • Zodiac and star charts are found in the book.
  • The contents of the book animate when spun.
  • The book may even be a hoax.
  • Lots of video editing and flashy camera work went into this documentary.
  • Over 200 pages of text were written and there is no microscopic evidence of any corrections ever being made suggesting that super human ability lead to the drafting of the book which in turn causes some to call Wilfrid Voynich’s book a hoax.
  • The text don’t appear to match any known language patterns.
  • The book still hasn’t been decoded, read, or translated.

The Book That Can’t Be Read – The Voynich Manuscript

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