The End of Liberty

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Produced by the National Inflation Institute, End of Liberty levies some harsh truths about the world we live in today and how are freedoms are slowly being siphoned of by those in power. One of the harsh truths that seems to be more and more tangible is how almost everything is illegal and how difficult it is to avoid breaking one of the thousands of laws on the books.

The United States is on the path to a societal collapse according to End of Liberty and the documentary spells it out with a blinding glare of clarity.

You are breaking the law if you use rain water.

Also covered in End of Liberty;

  • The illegal tender we use as currency is highlighted as the US Dollar will eventually become worthless.
  • US Dollar collapse is predicted.
  • Illegally collecting rain water was featured to add context to the meaning and the spirit of the communication attempted by the film.
  • A child was also jailed for eating food given to him by a friend who was on the free school lunch program, because he wasn’t. It was a crime for him to eat the food. The police state made an example out of his sorry ass.
  • Airport tyranny was outlined, described, and accredited as clips of small children and extreme elderly being harassed by the TSA are exposed.
  • An audio recording of an innocent man being harassed by the TSA was played.
  • Traveling on airplanes is clearly a horrifying, demeaning, and belittling experience.
  • Butt-naked xray body scanners are discussed, as well as how the government saves the images.
  • Organic farmers are treated like drug dealers by law enforcement. Fascism is the word that comes to mind when the government takes a dump on small businesses at the behest of big business.
  • Any executive order signed by any president is illegal by Constitutional standards.
  • Politicians can’t create jobs.

The above and more are covered in End of Liberty. Thanks for visiting VizTV.

End of Liberty

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