The Mars Underground City

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The video starts in 2024 with a seemingly rudimentary landing on the surface of Mars. The question of if we will ever become a space-faring civilization was eloquently asked. Expect a well thought out review of the concept of people living on Mars alongside ideas of getting there and staying alive. That’s staying alive during the trip, and during the stay.

Questions, Ideas, Facts, and Problems regarding Travel to Mars

  • One of the main reasons we haven’t been to Mars is because we’ll have trouble keeping people alive, and dealing with politics.
  • Almost all the space agencies have plans to send people to Mars.
  • NASA has been like a dog chasing its tail for over 30 years.
  • Mars has the resources on it to support life, thus a technological civilization.
  • Some scientist believe that we could send people to Mars within 10 years, however, NASA feels they wouldn’t be able to keep them alive.
  • Will we become a space-faring civilization?

Is there a new space race?

  • China, in 2003, put a man in space. The Chinese Space Administration plans to have regular travel tot he moon by 2017, and to Mars by 2030.
  • The European Space Agency has a plan for their people to be on the moon by 2024 and by 2033.
  • The Russians are testing strategies and looking forward to sustained Mars missions.
  • The Unites States’ Space Agency (NASA) is focused on Muslim Outreach.

Also discussed in The Mars Underground City

  • Mars has water, geothermal energy, water, 24 hour days, oxygen, carbon, and can be settled.
  • Man will never get to Mars without the challenge being issued. We have to embrace exploration in order to continue to grow as a civilization.
  • If we start the mission directly from Earth to Mars, we could leave out the lunar space station idea, and save billions due to not having to build ships in space.


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