The Secret Government

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The Constitution in Crisis

Government lies are nothing new as you will find out in this Reagan era documentary about the secret government from PBS and Bill Moyers released in 1987.

The Secret Government

  • Ronald Reagan was caught in lies, many of them.
  • Israel’s arms sales to Iran was revealed.
  • Bill Moyers points out that the United States Constitution was violated.
  • Covert secret wars were a reality then, and now.
  • Ronald Reagan’s White House had to work to get around the law to keep the secret was going.
  • The Secret Government, also known as The Enterprise, was a money making operation based on selling arms in the middle east.
  • The Enterprise had its own army, air force, navy, and fundraising mechanisms which allowed them to do whatever it wanted via funding from secret bank accounts funded by secret private donations.

Although this is an old documentary, rest assured its non-fiction, and sets a dangerous precedent for the concerns of freedom loving people who intend to move into the future. Assuming that organizations like “The Enterprise” still function, and exist, may not be too far fetched.

The Secret Government | PBS | Bill Moyers | 1987

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