UFO: The Secret, Evidence We Are Not Alone

| November 18, 2012 | 1 Comment

This alleged non-fiction UFO documentary that we categorized in our fiction section takes a look at the true, non-public, history of UFO crashes in the United States.

Leaked documents, talking astronauts, and forensic science come into the forefront in “UFO: The Secret, Evidence We Are Not Alone”.

UFO: The Secret, Evidence We Are Not Alone

In this video expect to see;

  • The Majestic 12 were brought up for discussion. They are commonly referred to as the MJ12 and were a special commission of gentlemen appointed by the government to look into, or to pretend to, investigate matters involving the UFO phenomenon.
  • Although little known and long before the Roswell incident, Aliens crash landed in Missouri back in 1941.
  • The United States Air Force has (or had) a UFO Program.
  • If true, as stated in the documentary, the United States views UFO’s as a “serious” threat.
  • During the crash of 1941 in Missouri, one of the aliens was said to have survived the crash.
  • Also revealed is a alien technology classification manual from a government issued special operations handbook. It also includes instructions on what to do with alien bodies in the event they are recovered, and where to take them.

UFO: The Secret, Evidence We Are Not Alone

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