War on our World

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War on our World

This Film is a Weapon in the War on Our World and Promotes One World Government and Likens Patriots to scoundrels.

Your Country is Nothing More than A Spot

This is a deceptive feature length documentary from Dominoes Falling Productions, made in 2011, with a said agenda to inspire peace, and softly sell the New World Order to the so-called truth movement. Descriptions online of the film report that War On Our World examines war, the military industrial complex, imperialism, and its after effects on the people of the world.

Our thoughts, and points from the film we felt deserved the honor of having bullet points include;

  • The film borrows clips of famous speeches by Martin Luther King Jr, and William Cooper.
  • War on Our World promotes One Worldism under the guise that we cannot have our rights without it.
  • An ex-marine who renounced his U.S. Citizenship, with “one world” tattoos, was exploited and attempted to mix the New World Order’s UN inspired One World Movement in with the so-called truth movement.
  • Patriotism is for scoundrels, and your country is nothing more than a “spot”, are recurring themes in the film.
  • The film promotes the idea that child’s mind is poisoned when we teach it history.
  • This film destroys its already fledgling credibility by referencing Zeitgeist.
  • This film is very accurate about dirty tricks pulled by the U.S. Government.
  • We like how the film covers the military industrial complex.
  • President Eisenhower’s farewell speech from the Presidency was featured.
  • War corporatism is the new fascism.
  • The fact that Barack Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize in the midst of his new war plans, at that time, was pointed out.


War on our World

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