Why Beauty Matters

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Roger Scruton, a well known philosopher, presents his case for beauty being put back at the center of society. Also, he stresses the importance of beauty in the arts as a factor in our lives that should be highly prized and valued.

The 20th & 21st century has turned its back on beauty by making ugliness prominent which puts us on a journey to a spiritual wasteland according to Scruton.

Interesting statements from “Why Beauty Matters”

  • Beauty stopped being important in the 20th century.
  • Originality took the place of beauty, regardless of the moral cost.
  • Art has made a cult of ugliness, and even architecture has become sterile.
  • In the 18th and the 19th century, beauty was the aim of artists and was as valuable as truth and goodness.
  • A glass of water, being titled, “An Oak Tree”, is ridiculed fabulously. I refuse to call that art.

This is not an Oak Tree. Its alleged art.

More from Why Beauty Matters…

  • Art has become morally corrupt.
  • An item shouldn’t be considered a work of art simply because it has some reality within it.
  • The skill of a true artist is to show the real, mixed with the ideal, based on the artist creativity.
  • There is a difference between good and bad tastes.
  • Many have lost their faith in beauty, there are no values unless it is utilitarian. Meaning if it has no use, its worthless. So where does this leave art?
  • At one time, art was value higher than usefulness.
  • Consumerism put art on the sideline making beauty a side effect.


Editors Note: We don’t know what to think about this film, however, we like the points it made and cringe at other other concepts. We don’t get into “softy flicks” much.


Why Beauty Matters

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