Women On Death Row – Linda Anita Carty

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A look at the experiences of women who have committed criminal offenses so heinous they’ve been placed on death row for their criminal offenses. In this instance, we’re looking at the case of convicted murderer Linda Anita Carty. An interesting documentary to say the least, be sure to share it!

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The British Woman on Death Row

As fate would have it, she’s on death row in the great State of Texas for murdering a woman and kidnapping her newborn child. (Her accent is not American.) A crime worthy of a death sentence in every way possible, so long as she “is” guilty for her felonious offense. Thankfully, there is a 95% execution rate for death row inmates in the United States or brutal murderers would be able to live out there lives at the expense of the innocent.

Houston mother Joana Rodriguez (R.I.P.), hands and feet bound, was found dead in the trunk of a car owned by British female murderess Linda Anita Carty. She was charged with capital murder and sentenced to death less than a year after being arrested on the same day for murdering Ms. Rodriguez and attempting to steal her child.

Joana Rodriguez was kidnapped from her Houston apartment along with her 4 day old son, and smothered in the trunk of a motor vehicle. Carty’s original plan had been to kidnap the then heavily pregnant Rodriguez and physically cut the baby out of her.

The date of her execution can be announced at any time.

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