World’s Scariest Drug: The Devil’s Breath

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This documentary film is about a powerful hallucinogen called The World’s Most Dangerous Drug, The Devil’s Breath, and is also known by the technical term Scopolamine. Ryan Duffy is the journalist featured in this video who takes a trip to Columbia, in South America, to learn more about the drug.

It is said that the drug has a potency so high, that it causes its user (or victim) to lose their ability to exercise free will, while at the same time blocking the formation of a memory. So whatever activity its user engages in while under the influence of the drug, they won’t remember when they sober up, assuming they survive the “high” in the first place.

Scopolamine - Worlds most dangerous Drug - devils breath

Super Awesome CIA Zombie Drug

This drug is said to be so potent, that it can be blown in your face, or merely touched. and you are then under its affects. It is odorless and can be colorless.

On some of the more respectable websites on the internet allege that Scopolamine is “the zombie drug” used by the CIA to manufacture patsies (adds some sense making to senseless shooting sprees), and by criminals alike.

More About Scopolamine from “The Devil’s Breath” Documentary

  • While under this drug, you may seem normal to other people, but you are totally without free will and easily subjected to ideas.
  • This drug is far more powerful than the common date rape drug known as rufies, by at least 100 times.
  • Under the influence of this drug, people have robbed themselves, and their homes, on behalf of criminals.

Scopolamine is a Drug like no other. No other drug can compare.

Colombian Drug Dealer

  • 1 gram of the drug can kill up to 20 adults.
  • The drug called “The Devils Breath” is made from the fruit of the “Borrachero Tree” which is also known as the “Drunken Binge” tree. The Borrachero tree is indigenous to Columbia, Ecuador, and Venezuela.
  • By simply smelling the drug you end up under its powerful effects. The drug is uncontrollable by the user once the user is under its affects.
  • The highs from this drug can last up to 20 days, and some of its users never come down from the high.
  • Scopolamine has also been used by the Nazi regime, and by the CIA as the basis of truth serum type drugs.
  • The drug also has long lasting affects such as random memory loss, nightmares, and sleep fighting, long after the user, or victim, has reached sobriety.

World’s Scariest Drug: The Devil’s Breath

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