Alien Earths

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Alien Earths

Alien Earths takes you on a journey with eye popping visuals far beyond our solar system. By employing the use of special effects, computer generated graphics, and excellent narration, this documentary is one to appreciate.

In this documentary you’ll be exposed to worlds made of ice, some with metallic rain, and others with diamonds all over the landscape.

Also in Alien Earths;

  • Gliese 581c is one to most Earth-like planets ever found. It operates in the Goldilocks zone of its star.
  • Planets with no parent stars that drift through space.
  • Planets with abnormal orbital patterns.
  • A lava hot Jupiter sized planet.
  • The birth of stars, and the generation of solar winds.
  • The Hubble Space Telescope gets some face time.
  • The the Year 2001 the Hubble found the planet Osiris which is 200 times more massive than planet Earth and it orbits only 4 million miles from its sun in a planetary hell.
  • The planet Osiris is too hot for life.
  • One of the scientists pointed out how planets are kicked out of their solar systems.
  • Wandering planets with no parent stars are also discussed. They are called planemos.
  • A pulsar in Virgo constellation is visualized.
  • Planets can form from the debris of a supernova left be a red giant which died by fiery explosion.
  • Two planets colliding were also visualized.
  • Water worlds, and Super Earths have also been found by astronomers. It is speculated that the pressures of so much water on a planet with no land, or such a massive size may not support life.
  • Water at extremely high pressure becomes  ice7.
  • Ice7 is water so pressurized that the molecules become aligned.
  • Some scientist believe that life may exist on water worlds.
  • Carbon planets with little, or no oxygen, would likely have landscapes littered with diamonds.
  • The Kepler Space Observatory is described. It uses the dimming of light caused by distant planets orbiting in front of its sun to locate earth-like planets.

Alien Earths is a very informative documentary for inquiring minds into earth-like planet detection. We recommend this video.

Alien Earths

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