Alien Invasion

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Alien Invasion

Many in high office, high society, and so-called “officials” believe it is important for the countries of the world to consider inter-stellar military threats, and to prepare for them. Experts who design weapons, our great military minds, and microbiologists explain why they prepare for alien attacks and even have plans, and have war gamed and performed military exercises in preparation.

Plans have been crafted that involve a fight involving humanity and extra terrestrial intelligent life.

Alien Invasion attempts to dramatize what an alien invasion would be like.

Other intriguing information from this Fictional Documentary;

  • Leading scientists believe we will make contact with intelligent life from outer space one day.
  • High level plans already exist to fight an alien invasion.
  • The idea of an alien invasion is taken seriously by the United Nations, The United States Government, and other organizational bodies around the world.
  • There are multiple technologies, that the general public doesn’t know exist, which are available for humanity to fight back against any alien threat.
  • The time when government rulers speak to the public about alien invaders is dramatized.
  • Aliens would likely be hostile.
  • The United States Air Force has space fighter-jets ready to deploy into battle with any extra terrestrial threat.
  • We would likely be no match for alien invaders.
  • The nuclear option would be on the table as a weapon against the aliens, but the aliens would likely have shields. Alien travelers would have to have shields to protect their ships during inter-stellar travel through the stars, and the debris.
  • The destruction of civilization is accounted for in war-plans involving war with aliens.
  • A new world is mentioned.
  • Biological warfare may come into play during any war with aliens.

Alien Invasion

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