American Gangster

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This old school gangster documentary is from the era of the prohibition and focuses on the gangsters of that day. The Bootleg Years are covered in detail in the featured video playlist.

Prohibition was considered a noble experiment, but it created the underground criminal era which gave rise to bootlegging, thus the birth of organized crime.

The Mafia, and The Mob, are children of prohibition laws in post World War 1 America.

Old school gangster movies, ancient New York City, and the Southside, and Northsides of Chicago, were discussed along with Capone, and other gangsters made into celebrities by Hollywood. However, most of the money made in the Roaring 20’s was earned by Hollywood.

American Gangster – Documentary

  • After World War I, Americans didn’t want sobriety, they wanted to have fun.
  • Bootlegging was a multimillion dollar industry.
  • The Tommy Gun, which was a bi-product of prohibition, was glamorized by Hollywood.
  • The Thompson Sub-machine gun was invented for World War I, but was never used because World War I ended before they went into use.
  • The Tommy Gun is superior to the Mac-10, a modern similar weapon.
  • The drive-by shooting tactic was first done in the 1920’s era of prohibition.
  • Real gangsters used silencers.

American Gangster – Documentary

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