Battle of the X-Planes

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In this military technology documentary, named the Battle of the X-Planes, we get a glimpse at Boeing’s Phantom Works and Lockheed’s Skunk Works aircraft technology and design facilities. This documentary offers a carefully scripted view of so-called classified meetings, exotic plane flights, and the race to build the most capable flight based killing device ever seen in The Joint Strike Fighter.

Interesting Revelations from Battle of the X-Planes;

  • “The Joint Strike Fighter” the United States Military is attempting (in this documentary) to build may be the last “manned” fighter built according to this documentary.Battle of The X-Planes
  • In this particular documentary, Lockheed and Boeing compete for a contract to build bad ass fighter planes for the United States Armed Forces.
  • The Raptor, a 100 Million Dollar Fighter Plane, is too expensive. The purpose of spending billions on new military aircraft development is to shave 1/3rd of the cost off the price of an equally capable plane to the Raptor.
  • As a result of Boeing being allowed to be a finalist in the race for a 200 Billion dollar government contract, McDonnell Douglas not being selected meant the end of that air craft manufacturer. McDonnell Douglas was purchased by Boeing, ironically. Had to be a set-up. Boeing hadn’t built a fighter jet in nearly 60 years.
  • To win the affordability battle, Boeing built their plane around a one piece wing, and built the direct lift (hover) around the engine to minimize variations of the planes between the different military branches, thus lowering costs.


Battle of the X-Planes

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