China Vs The USA: Empires at War

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China Versus The United States of America

Empires at War

“Politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed.”
Mao Tse-Tung

I’ll cover the good points of this documentary below so you can determine if you want to watch it in full.

  • The Chinese threat is Washington D.C.’s highest priority, even beyond terrorism and al-Quieda.
  • In China, they believe in the concept comprehensive national power which is Economic, Military, and political. Its the cultural essence of China.
  • The Chinese power structure believes it has a destiny to dominate the world and are willing to fight.
  • The Chinese are willing to fight.
  • Taiwan is only about 150 miles from the Chinese coast.china
  • Taiwan is regularly threatened by China, and they have been bombarded and have never surrendered.
  • The Chinese believe that Taiwan was stolen from them by Japan originally.
  • Most mainland Chinese believe that Taiwan is rightfully a Chinese province and was denied reunification by The United States due to our opposition to communism.
  • In 1996 in the straights of Taiwan, The Chinese Military launched military maneuvers to test US reaction, Washington D.C. then deployed 2 aircraft carrier battle-groups. The Chinese began to quickly behave.
  • Beijing was humiliated because there was nothing they could do about the carriers.
  • Taiwan is the most vibrant democracy in East Asia.
  • China‘s government is communist authoritarian.
  • Taiwan‘s population is 23 million strong. Taipei is the Capital.
  • In 1895, Taiwan was invaded by Japan, and by peace treaty (after Japanese defeat in world War II 50 years later) was returned to China. At the time however, the Chinese were having a civil war, the Nationalist versus The Communists. The Nationalist fled to Taiwan and remain there.
  • Taiwan is not recognized as a state by the United Nations.
  • China fully intends to reunite Taiwan.
  • Taiwan’s military is focused on air power and elite ground forces and training to face the Peoples Liberation Army.
  • The Chinese are obsessed with American military strategy.
  • The People’s Liberation Army can deploy deep water sub’s to far off locations which is a direct threat to U.S. Battlegroups and aircraft carriers.

See the film for more…

China Vs The USA: Empires at War

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