Dark Side of the Moon

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Did Hollywood producers help make the illusion of a lunar landing appear to be reality to millions worldwide? Well, to be honest, I don’t know and could care less, but it is entertaining, and quite informative to say the least. It gets the mind thinking.


You never know, in the race to get to the moon, the United State may have faked it till they made it, only they may not have ever made it.

This is a very interesting documentary and different from others, it uses trickery.

Dark Side of the Moon

The plot goes like this; NASA hired Stanley Kubrick, the man who made 2001 A Space Odyssey (1968), to fake a theatrical version of the moon landings because President Nixon feared that no images were able to be transmitted from the moon during the first landing, and didn’t want to suffer the international embarrassment.

In return, NASA gave Kubrick a special lens to help him film Barry Lyndon (1975).


Makes you wonder how much truth this video has in it…

Dark Side of The Moon

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