Drugs, Inc. – Cocaine

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This documentary represents a full review and first hand look at the over 500 billion dollar (figure adjusted for a crashing dollar) per year narcotics industry focusing on cocaine, crack, and related substances.Drugs, Inc. - Cocaine | Documentary

Cocaine is a global business connecting coca farmers in the southern hemisphere, to crackheads & dope snorters in America’s poorest and richest neighborhoods. The featured documentary takes us to the streets of Miami, the cocaine capital of America.

Also in Drugs Inc: Cocaine;

  • A look at how people make money from cocaine.
  • The descriptive nature of cocaine, a powerful stimulant.
  • The Socioeconomic differences between those favoring cocaine in the powdered form, versus crack, or rocked up form.
  • The first emergence of crack in 1984, making cocaine cheap and affordable.
  • A look at European cocaine users.

Drugs, Inc. – Cocaine

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