Earth 2050: The Future of Energy

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Warning: Produced By Shell

This film promotes the theory of climate change and represents general discussion of fuel, energy, and the future. The main conversation of the documentary is a move away from petroleum as a main fuel.Earth 2050 – the Future of Energy

Also in Earth 2050: The Future of Energy

  • Brazil’s sugar energy scheme is cited as an example of a energy system that can be used as a model for everyone.
  • Heat which is generated from the sugar cane refineries are converted back into electricity.
  • Brazil cannot fuel the world however, it ain’t enough sugar cane for that.
  • Its is also claimed that their isn’t enough oil to run to the world. [A boldface lie, see: The Bakken.]

Give me a break. We could just move to hydrogen for major power needs.

  • They wanna turn our food into gas! (lol!)  🙂Earth 2050: The Future of Energy
  • There are some plants, which don’t compete with food, than can be used to create ethanol which there will never be enough of. For some reason the folks at Shell see this as viable enough to add to this video, unless its just propaganda, which would make sense.
  • One of the smarter ideas from the documentary was artificial chemical photosynthesis as a way to produce a collectable fuel from natural energy reactions.
  • Personal transportation is demonized and damn near called evil.
  • Autonomous vehicles which rely on 3d maps, generated by cameras that film full 360 degree angles exist now, and may be the waves of the future.

Enjoy the Documentary.

Earth 2050: The Future of Energy

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