Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement

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Global government and world domination isn’t where the game ends.

Extermination of over half the worlds population and enslaving the rest, while extending the lives of the super wealthy with cybernetic technology is among what may be in the cards for the future.


Endgame : Blueprint for Global Enslavement

This documentary features the insanity of Alex Jones and his wild conspiracy theory about there being a planned extermination of most of humanity.

He may actually have some basis for this nonsense if you are up on the Georgia Guidestones. Sh@t could get “real” one of these days.

Also in Endgame:

  • Spooky voice overs by Alex Jones.
  • A grim look at the future.
  • The Roman Empire was carefully exploited in contrast with modern society.
  • The House of Rothschild’s history of backing both wars and scamming stock markets with the intent on ruling over economies was reviewed and chronicled.
  • The reason there was a World War I was so banking cartels could fund both sides of the war for profit. this form of investment allows for hedging.
  • Endgame also discusses the rise of the British Empire, which was generally controlled by the Rothschild Dynasty.
  • The build up to World War II was covered as well, along with the insight that the same powers who funded the first world war, funded both sides of World War II as well. The goal seemed to be getting a world government type body set up to prevent future world wars. You know, problem, reaction, solution.
  • The Bilderberg Meeting in Ottawa, Canada was covered in Endgame as well.
  • Endgame alleges that a shadow government, or a shadow version of the North American Union concept, is already in operation.
  • Foreign troop deployment in the United States is also possible do to this said shadow government.

Endgame : Blueprint for Global Enslavement

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