Exposing the Satanic Empire

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Exposing the Satanic Empire

Made by Keith Thompson (we’re not sure if he’s famous or anything) Exposing the Satanic Empire claims to uncover the satanic activities of some of the richest people in high society, entertainment, politics, and of the powered up elite.

This documentary moves fast and wastes no time.

Expect your normal run of the mill Illuminati gibberish with a touch of The Vatican, and Bohemian Grove mixed in together. It even goes so far as to be honest about appears to be an anti-Christian Catholic establishment.

Zeitgeist is also debunked, as if it needed to be.

Notes taken during our time watching the film include;

  • The footage Alex Jones took of the elites performing the Cremation of Care around the statue of Baal (A demon we think) was featured early on. The producers of this documentary know no holds barred and waste no time in kicking ass.
  • The Illuminati chose to infiltrate Freemasonry because the public takes little notice of the institution. Interesting.

The Goals of The Illuminati

  1. Abolition of all order governments.
  2. Abolition of all private property.
  3. Abolition of inheritance.
  4. Abolition of patriotism.
  5. Abolition of the family.
  6. abolition of religion.
  7. Creation of a world government.


Other interesting tidbits from the documentary;

  • The Illuminati is satanic.
  • The Rothschild dynasty were given some feature time and probably deserve it as they are often said to be satanic, rule banking, and make kings.
  • When Freemasonry as an institution was Illuminized, it became satanic without most of the patrons of local lodges being the wiser, we hope.
  • The Democratic party was founded by Illuminized freemasonry as a way to divide the people from their government. Any Republican government would be annihilated in due time.
  • Illuminati symbology in government documents and currency are reveals.
  • The Federal Reserve is also exposed as being controlled by Illuminati bloodlines.
  • The number 13, and its history, was reviewed.
  • Secret footage of a 33rd degree masonic ritual involving the sacrificing of a goat over a pentagram was shown.
  • The Bilderberg meetings were started by a 33rd degree Freemason named Joseph Reddinger.
  • The film simply states, in plane terms; The Vatican is satanic and Anti-Christian because it does a lot of stuff the bible warns us not to do. Like worshiping idols and calling Holy Father.
  • The Islamic conception of God is morally inadequate.
  • The historic event when the seemingly satanic Catholic Church began to end excommunicating Freemasons.
  • 80% of Catholic Filipinos are Freemasonic.

Exposing the Satanic Empire

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