Hell: The Devil’s Domain

| November 24, 2012 | 32 Comments

Produced by The History Channel, this full length documentary chronicles mainstream media’s view of Satan and his world. This feature length documentary looks at the many faces of Satan throughout history including Hades of Greek mythology, and the fundamentalist view of the fire and brimstone concept of hell.

Also In Hell: The Devil’s Domain

  • A number of religious professionals and theologists are spoke with, and interviewed in the Hell documentary.
  • A look at how the face of Satan, The Devil, has changed over the centuries.
  • Some, who went through near death experiences, or died and came back, claim to have seen a glimpse of hell are interviewed.
  • An attempted explanation at what is Hell, and who is Satan.
  • Hell is alleged to be worse that any scary sequence from any horror movie.
  • Hell is real according to The Holy Bible, however a Catholic priest said it was mythological. (figures)
  • The ancient view of hell, fire and brimstone, are also reviewed.
  • The ancient Egyptians were obsessed with the concept of an afterlife.
  • The Egyptian Book of the Dead is supposed to be some kind of road map to help navigate the realm of the afterlife.
  • The Holy Bible says that hell is, in fact, a place. Not a conceptualized idea meant to be metaphorical.
  • Jesus Christ made it clear that the fires of hell never cease.
  • Another meaning for hell, according to The History Channel, is a permanent separation from God and his love.
  • The story of Job, and God agreeing to let Satan test him, are also discussed. Job was awesome.
  • Demonic Possession, Exorcism.
  • The inquisition and witch hunts are also documented.


Hell: The Devil’s Domain

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