Hell’s Angels – America’s Book of Secrets

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This documentary offers a view of the Hell’s Angels that has militarized feel. It offers a encompassing view of the Hell’s Angels motorcycle club from a bird’s eye view.

The United States government believes there are about 500 biker gangs with over 250,000 members. The king of which are the Hell’s Angels. Most gangs are formed because the members couldn’t become Hell’s Angels. To be a Hell’s Angel you have to have an American made motorcycle with a 1000cc engine, be White, Latino, or Asian.

The Hell’s Angels are on every continent except Antarctica.

Also revealed in the documentary

  • Outlaw bikers are not allowed to accept insults or to allow a brother to fight alone.
  • The Mongols were Mexican bikers who were not allowed to join the Hell’s Angels. Thus, the Mongols.
  • The Mongols and the Hell’s Angels have been at war since the 1970’s. The war with the Mongols was because of their use of the “California” bottom rockers on the vests. (Only the Hell’s Angels should be using the California rocker.)
  • The big secret of the Hell’s Angels is that they are the Mafia.
  • Not all members are biker grunts, some of them are stock brokers and government officials.
  • Some consider the club to be terrorists.
  • Sonny Barger was the man who made the outlaw biker gang what it is today.
  • The fight at the Harras in Nevada was likely the handy work of the ATF. Some say the ATF was responsible for the outbreak of the historic casino fight between the Mongols and the HA.
  • They have also infiltrated the United States government.
  • Some of the gang members has people working for the police, so they can keep watch over the activities of law enforcement.
  • They have also sued the United States for labeling them a criminal organization.

Hell’s Angels – America’s Book of Secrets

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