James Bond: The True Story

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The super spy pimp is revealed in this biography, and documentary, of James Bond, and his creator, Ian Flemming, an ex-spook. Sean Connery and a few other important figures in the Bond universe talk to us in this full length documentary.

Shaken Not Stirred

Timothy Dalton was the greatest 007 of all time!
-The VizTV Editor

Considering that the author of the James Bond fairy tale was a former intelligence officer, it may be fair game to assume that most of the movies are based on some truth.

James Bond: The True Story

James Bond

 A Few Things to Know About James Bond

  • James Bond films always have a contemporary time setting.
  • Roger Moore, and Sean Connery account for more than 2/3rd’s of all the actors who have taken the role of James Bond.
  • Pierce Brosnan and Timothy Dalton also appeared in the film.
  • Agent 007 was cooked up at a typewriter in 1952, in Jamaica. The author had an intent on writing the best spy novel of all times.
  • Henry Chancellor wrote a book about Bond, and thinks that most of the stories, over 90% of them, are based on truth.


James Bond: The True Story

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