Marketing Milk, and Disease

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Notable points in Marketing Milk, and Disease;

  • Dairy Products cause disease.
  • Dairy products are high calorie, high fat, and intended to grow a baby cow.
  • They may also be cancer promoters.
  • Dairy products are also high protein and highly acidic which could endanger the kidneys.
  • Cows milk can also cause intestinal bleeding.
  • Milk and other dairy products contain no dietary fiber and cause constipation.
  • The reason why dairy products, like milk, are white is because they (cows milk) are made of white blood cells, or puss cells.
  • Dairy products were product most recalled between 1993 and 1998 due to being infected with disease.
  • 60% of dairy herds are infected with the (BLV) bovine aids virus.
  • The dairy industry no longer feed cows to cows, but they do feed dead cows to chickens and pigs. Then the chickens and pigs excrete the droppings, and then this fecal matter is compressed into tablets that are then fed to the cows, or either sold as pet food.
  • In the United States Annually, there are 30,0oo new cases of leukemia.
  • The point is made that milk is nothing more than a leukemia virus and this has been known since 1969.
  • 10 out of every 23 cases of human breast cancer is cause by being infected with bovine leukemia virus.
  • Milk is aggressively marketed to children.
  • The goal of the dairy industry is to program children to become lifetime consumers of dairy products.
  • Type II Diabetes
  • Early exposure of infants to cow’s milk protein may be an important factor in the initiation of the beta cell destructive process in some individuals.
  • Allowing children to ingest cow’s milk is not recommended.
  • Tonsil enlargement, canker sores, vomiting, GERD, ulcer disease, colic, and stomach cramps can be traced back to dairy products.

Dr. John McDougall lectures on the secrets of the dairy industry and the effects that this milk may have on the human body, and its connection to a wide variety of diseases and ailments based on documented scientific research.

Dr. John McDougall advises the general public to say no to milk!

He also lays out some compelling arguments to why milk should be considered a heavily marketed leukemia virus.

The cattle industry claims that its o.k. for viruses to be in the milk supply because they are unable to identify the virus in human beings.

UC Berkeley apparently has done testing to prove the claims brought forth in this video lecture.

Marketing Milk, and Disease

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