Martial Law: The Rise of The Police State

| January 24, 2013 | 0 Comments

In this full length documentary, radio show host Alex Jones walks us through an illustration of how Americans are loosing their freedoms, and becoming subject to a dictatorial police state zone.

Martial Law: The Rise of The Police State

The underlying spirit of the film is to show how governments use terrorist incidents to sucker their populations into giving up their freedoms.Martial Law - rise of The Police State

Take Sandy Hook for example, innocent children were shot and killed and the defenseless adults around them couldn’t do a damn thing about it. Next, 320 million people may lose their rights to bear arms, and defend their country because of this.

Losing The Second Amendment would leave Americans in a state where they can all be shot like dogs in the same fashion as the kids at Sandy Hook.

No Thanks.

Although this is a 9-11 era conspiracy flick, its relevant to this very day.

Martial Law: The Rise of The Police State

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