Money as Debt III

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This 3rd installment of the Money as Debt series by Paul Grignon features ideas related to putting the idea of “money” behind us and moving beyond money.

An interesting assertion by this film dictates that our monetary system creates a need for greed, fraud, and theft. Cash flow, as a science, is given review as well, and is a real measure of economic activity.

Money as Debt III

  • Money = promises of future productive work.
  • Money being lent twice, and the interest it earns being lent for gain, is what creates the scam known as our monetary system now. the money to pay all the interest owed doesn’t exists, and greed keeps earned interest from being spent into circulation because it loaned for profit. This type of debt isn’t repayable without a default somewhere else.
  • “Twice Lent Money” kills cash flow.
  • Only 5% of money exists in physical form. The other 95% is digital. All money is committed to debt.
  • Money may even be an outdated idea.

There are more promises to deliver gold, than there is gold.

Money as Debt III – Evolution Beyond Money

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