Programming of Life

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Programming of Life

This ingenious documentary, Programming of Life, was produced with the intent of engaging the scientific community to be more forward thinking with regard to the development, and inherent ingenuity, of life.

The information of life, and code embedded within cellular structure, are discussed from a scientific perspective. It also asks the question of where we came from and the origin of life.

Chemical evolution theory meets information science and the battle gets bloody.

Points Made in the Programming of Life

  • The Chaos Theory is the study of how order forms naturally without design.
  • This film makes the idea of evolution look silly by pointing out that the order of nature is obviously well designed.
  • This film puts the idea of evolution on its proverbial ass with a simple review of information.


3 Main Categories of Scientific Information

Shannon Information – A mathematical measure of probability.

Functional Information – Useful and practical information, like traffic lights. Data which requires meaning.

Prescriptive Information – Instructional information – In order for the information to be useful, it must be deciphered and acted upon.


Other Bullet Points Inspired By The Programming Of Life include;

  • Current mainstream science will have you to believe that the chaos theory is the basis of the origin of life. The idea makes no sense when you learn that cellular structure has the fingerprints of intelligent design all over’em.
  • Cellular design, and the code embedded within it, is far superior than any computer program man has written.
  • A cell is so complex that science have barely scratched the surface of understanding them.
  • Science has no explanation for the behavior of amino acids.
  • Proteins, and amino acids, have well defined mechanical structure. Enzymes hold other molecules to make chemical reactions possible. The slowest biological reaction would take a trillion years without the presence of enzymes, otherwise, it takes half a second.
  • Programming of Life also features computer generated simulations of protein synthesis.

There are thousands of millions of mini computer systems in each cell, each with different operating systems, and programming languages, which have all the parts any computer would have, working together.

Human DNA is like a computer program but far, far more advanced that any software we’ve ever created. -Bill Gates

In other words, Bill Gates is saying that our DNA is like a software program running the information in our biological cells.

There are 3 basic types of computers;

  • Electronic
  • Mechanical (like an abacus)
  • A biological cell.

The Functional Components that a computer must have to be a computer include;

  • Memory for data storage.
  • An executable program containing instructions for processing that data.
  • A processor for executing those instructions.
  • The capability for producing meaningful output.

The Comparative Argument

  • RNA and DNA can hold prescriptive information and algorithms.
  • Proteins can be used to hold, transfer, or process data.
  • Proteins, RNA, and DNA, exchange information, like an internet, or network, between all cells.
  • This argument has been experimentally verified.

Programming of Life

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