Science of Surveillance

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The Science of Surveillance documentary takes us into realm of modern spy/surveillance technology like never before. There are technologies like advanced facial recognition technology, rays that allow users to look through walls and doors, and much more.

Also covered in the Science of Surveillance

  • London is the most heavily surveilled city in the world with over 500,000 cameras that serve to spy on her citizens.
  • These cameras can also be used to track each vehicles movement including license plate scanning, matching, and cross referencing.
  • London’s half million cameras did nothing to stop the London Bombings.
  • Las Vegas, NV is also another well known city which employs a heavy use of surveillance cameras in its casinos.
  • Surveillance cameras in Las Vegas are generally used to catch cheating gamblers.
  • Facial recognition software is used to find and remove people who always win in casinos. The people who always win are called undesirables.
  • 3D Imagery and satellite tracking are also coming to surveillance. Its a great way to find anyone on the planet, or identify someone anywhere; even from space.
  • Over 640,000 individual points make up a full digital 3d replica of a human face. The powers that be hope that one day, they can have a database with everyone’s faceprint.

Learn more by watching the featured documentary.

Science of Surveillance

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