Secrets of the CIA

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In full LQ (low quality), we get to learn a few of the secrets the CIA doesn’t have a problem with the masses knowing about.

Expect to be exposed to how our government supports terrorist, spies on terrorist they don’t support, and accuses everyone else of being terrorists who don’t agree with it. (We added that last part, it may not have anything to do with the documentary.)

In Secrets of The CIA;

  • The first enemy of the CIA were the Soviets. The CIA was willing to work with the NAZI’s to serve this end.
  • Using NAZI war criminals was basically how the CIA got started. (Quoted from the documentary.)CIA - Central Intelligence Agency
  • The CIA retrained NAZI War criminals and sent them back to Germany to spy on the Russians.
  • NAZIs were granted immunity from mass murder war crimes so long as they cooperated with the United States government.
  • The CIA wanted to spy on Russia because they were thought to have mind control capabilities.
  • The documentary also chronicles how the U.S. Government worked to overthrown Iran’s first democratically elected president Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh on 19 August 1953. this was their first overthrow of a foreign government.
  • The Vietnam War was also highlighted as a key time period in CIA operational history. During the Vietnam war, the CIA used murder, and torture to obtaine intelligence.


Secrets of the CIA

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