Slavery By Consent

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“Slavery by Consent” – Evidence We’re the Government’s Property

Although we are indoctrinated to believe that we are free people, that is a grave misconception.  “Slavery by Consent” explains exactly how the entire system is designed to control  and repress us.

Our government dictates how we can and can’t behave, what we can and can’t put into our bodies, what types of weapons we may or may not own.  We are forced to surrender a portion of our earnings to the government.  We must seek permission to drive, work, vote, and even collect rainwater these days.

What we must understand is that our rights are not bestowed upon us by any government.  The Constitution does not grant us rights, it simply states those rights that were given to each and every one of us by our Creator.

But yet, as government slowly infringes upon these rights, people are all too quick to fall for the lie that laws that enslave us are necessary for the greater good, that we are unsafe without the government keeping us from making our own decisions, as if we children incapable of running our own lives.

But that is just the beginning. What I bet you don’t realize is that you don’t even own your own life.  Although you are a “person”, you are not a “human” in the eyes of the government. That was stripped from you when your parents filed your birth certificate.

slavery by consent

What is Slavery by Consent?

So exactly what does Slavery by Consent mean?

  • We are not governed by civil law (the law of the land) as we should be. We are actually governed under Maritime Admiralty Law which is the law of the water.  Because you were born of your mother’s water, you are a Maritime Admiralty product. You are established as such when your parents file a birth certificate, at which time your parents abandon ownership of you.
  • According to Barron’s Dictionary of Banking Terms, “certificate” means “paper establishing an ownership claim.”  That document has given your government ownership of you.
  • The U.S. Government is a corporation. You became one as well when your birth certificate was submitted.  If you look carefully at your official documents (birth cert, marriage cert, driver’s license, social security card), your name is in all capital letters.  Corporation names are listed in capital letters, human entities are not.  The government created a corporation with the exact same name as you when your birth certificate was filed.
  • The purpose for this is so that they can use you as collateral to secure debt to national banks.  This also enables the government to take away your rights and privileges, as well as require licenses, permits, and registrations under the Maritime Admiralty Law, which only applies to corporations.

“Slavery by Consent” reveals shocking evidence that we are not free people, but are in fact debt slaves.  You have been registered and monetized as a corporation, without your knowledge.

This must-watch documentary presents hard truths that will shake the foundation of everything you’ve ever believed about being free.

Slavery By Consent

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