The Fabric of the Cosmos – Full Series

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The Fabric of the Cosmos

Full Series

This video documentary is about theoretical physics, cosmology, string theory and generally seeks to open the discussion about the stars, and the universe in this full length series playlist narrated by Brian Greene.

Brian Greene is the professor and the co-director of Columbia’s Institute for Strings, Cosmology, and Astroparticle Physics.

The Fabric of The Cosmos discusses the following;

  • Spacetime and Cosmology
  • Time and Experience
  • Special Relativity and General Relativity
  • Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
  • The Universe
  • Time and The Quantum Realm
  • According to the laws of physics, time can move backwards, meaning life could, in theory, could move in reverse.
  • Empty space has hidden characteristics which can bend and twist.
  • Human beings are as conscious to space as fish are to water.
  • Scientists still have problems explaining exactly what “space” is. Space will adjust to keep the speed of light constant.
  • The speed of light moves at a blistering speed of 671 Million miles per second.
  • This video was first aired on NOVA/PBS.
  • Time travel can not be ruled out in physics, and can not be proved impossible.
  • The arrow of time is the idea that time only moves in one direction.
  • Entropy is the concept of there being an order to random chaos.

The Fabric of the Cosmos

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