The Iceman – Hitman Richard Kuklinski

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The Iceman is a documentary about a prolific mafia hitman named Richard Kuklinski. When he killed his victim he liked to watch them die and reveled in the shock and pain of his victims. He liked to shoot his victim under the chin up close and once shot a man in his Adam’s apple to see how long he would die to try to win a 50.00 bet.

Richard Kuklinski also used cyanide, in rather interesting ways, to kill some of his targets.

He also killed animals as child. Animals like cats and dogs.

He once tied two cats tails together and threw them over a clothesline and watched them tear each other apart. He also threw a cat into an incinerator and lit it with a book of matches. He also took pleasure in kicking dogs off roofs and tying them to the back of buses.

The Iceman – Hitman Richard Kuklinski

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