The New Age Infiltration of The Truth Movement

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The New Age Infiltration of The Truth Movement

This film uncovers a “new age’ face of the so-called New World Order. One of the descriptions we found online claims that it exposes operatives who may have infiltrated the “truth” movement, if there ever was such a thing. Not to be a grand skeptic but look, everyone who says they are, really ain’t, and those that are, don’t say they are, and everyone else is in-between.

This is entertainment. Nothing more.


Topics up for discussion in the documentary include;

  • Masonry, and the Illuminati infiltration of freemasonry.
  • The Mason and Illuminati take good care of all traitors. Its a historic tradition.
  • Lucifer and Satan are said to be one entity, by one of the sources quoted. (No context intended.)
  • Maitreya is supposed to come to bring the world into the Age of Aquarius.
  • The historic work to make Satan appear to be the “Son of God”, in the eyes of the blind, is documented well.
  • The New Age magazine of the Illuminati was documented.
  • The plan to unite theocracy with the United Nations by the Lucis Trust was brought to light.

Lucis Trust (Formerly the Lucifer Publishing Company who supported the founding of the United Nations) Is Financed By;

  • The World Federalist Society – Norman Cousins
  • Rockefellers (Founders: John D Rockefeller)
  • Robert Strange McNamara
  • IBM
  • Masonic Lodges
  • Windsor Bank
  • The United Nations
  • Amnesty International
  • U.N.I.C.E.F.

Back to interesting stuff covered in The New Age Infiltration of The Truth Movement;

  • Meditations are held at the United Nations. They are told that the United Nations is the chosen instrument of God.
  • Zeitgeist is the New World Order.
  • Mental weapons and a war of thought. (Interesting. We’re doing our part at VizTV!)
  • The disgusting filth known as Ted Turner was revealed. He may even be Satan in retired media-man-form.
  • The Illuminati guide truth.
  • Christianity is the antithesis of socialism. – William Cooper

Enjoy the documentary!

The New Age Infiltration of The Truth Movement

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