The Secret History Of Hacking

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Hackers are the outlaws of the computer age, stealing, hacking, and whatever else they said in the beginning of the film.

In this documentary we get another glimpse of the world of hacking, as well as a look at some who have been to jail for it.

Hackers are the creators of the computer world, and are its outlaws.

Also worth noting from the Secret History of Hacking;

  • Phone hacking. (During the times when calling long distance was a luxury.)the Secret History of Hacking (2)
  • The first computers from the Homebrew Computing Club, led to the first high tech hacking capability.
  • The most important advancements in computer technology came from hackers.
  • Back in the day, Bill Gates was pissed about how Steve Wozniak hacked his products. He wrote letters to the founder of Apple in full woosified fashion.
  • The negative connotation of the word “hacker” was brought on by malicious computer break-ins.

The Secret History Of Hacking

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