Walmart: The High Cost of Low Prices By Robert Greenwald

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We’ve all seen Walmart’s lavish television commercials. Have you ever thought about why Walmart has to have a humongous advertising budget to convince you that they give a damn about you and your community?

Walmart: The High Cost of Low Prices takes you behind the “BS” sold to the masses by the Walmart advertising machine and looks into the lives of the people most affected by the big box retailer.Walmart

This documentary video will force you to reconsider your views on shopping and buying cheap slave made goods, many of which are made as a result of forced labor overseas, and peddled by low wage earners here in America while causing area small businesses to suffer economically due to its presence.

Walmart: The High Cost of Low Prices By Robert Greenwald

Interesting notables from the Walmart Documentary Include;

  • The Official Website for this movie is here.
  • The movie begins with a Walmart pep rally where Walmart pats itself on the back for a job well done.
  • Sam Walton founded Walmart.
  • Walmart feels it serves the community somehow, when we figure out whatever in the hell they are trying to imply, we will report it on VizFact Dot Com, the epic uber blog of Godly Intent.
  •  The video aired a few complaints from small business owners who are having a hard time turning their own companies into world dominating corporations driven by the hard labor of the poor.
  • Ma and Pa operations, that are having trouble competing with Walmart in the free and open market, are dying off.
  • “Walmart is a Chinese company with an American board of directors”, said one of the witnesses.
  • Walmart is alleged to not be paying a fair wage.
  • It appears that lots of people are pissed at the retail giant, people who tend to listen to sad sounding music.
  • Land appraisals fall when Walmart enters a town because sooner or later there will be lots of empty retail buildings, which will be hard to sell in the corporate real estate market with Walmart around.
Is Walmart Evil

Awesome Walmart Graphic Found By Searching For Images

More From The Walmart Movie mixed in with our smart assed biased (in one way or another) remarks;

  • Walmart drives down retail wages 3 billion dollars (3,000,000,000.00) every year.
  • They are the biggest private employer in the world.
  • The stores are intentionally short staffed.
  • They often try to keep as many of the store hands (aka associates) employed on a part time basis as often as possible.
  • Most of the employees can only afford to shop at Walmart. They work at Walmart, and can’t afford to pay their bills.
  • Walmart CEO’s are proud of the wages they pay the employes, and the crappy benefits the employees complained about in this video.
  • Walmart encourages its employees to use government welfare. They encourage the use of government for medical care, section 8 housing, and food stamps. The public picks up the tab for the wages that Walmart refused to pay from their record billions dollar profits. “Use your taxpayers dollars” – A Walmart Executive

We believe Walmart has the right to do whatever it wants to do with its business, its employes have the right to not work there, and we have the right to not shop there. The public has the right to be dumb enough to allow politicians to implement socialist programs and the penalty of suffering the results of corporate fascist welfare state. In a socialized state, your voting rights won’t matter.

  • More people who choose to work at Walmart, and not work to further their career opportunities, have the nerve to complain.
  • No taxpayers were asked about caring for Walmart employees in the film.

Walmart Employees on Public Assistance

According to the film;

  • Alabama has 3864 children of Walmart employees on Medicaid.
  • Arizona has 2700 Walmart employees on Medicaid.
  • Arkansas has 3971 Walmart employees on Welfare.
  • Connecticut has 824 Walmart babies on state government health care handouts.
  • Florida has over 12,300 Walmart worker-slaves and their dependents on fascist medicine (Medicaid).
  • Georgia’s got over 10,000 Walmart employee offspring on the dole. “PeachCare for Kids”
  • Massachusetts, 4172 adults and dependents on state healthcare.
  • Tennessee, almost 10,000 Walmart employees on TennCare. (Must be Tennessee Care, or something, we figure.)
  • Texas has 4363 children on the Chip program. The name makes think they are softening us up to the term so maybe in 10 or 15 years we get dumb enough to let the masters of the state chip us with electronic dog tags. You gotta keep track of the slaves. “Lets soften em up (the generally stupid public) to the term psychologically by getting at the kids.” 🙂  (just a thought.)
  • Wisconsin in the mix too with 1252 Walmart slaves on guhment pimp finance for the health of the peasants.

American Taxpayers Pay over 1.6 Billion dollars (Dollars which are constantly losing value due to suck ass government run by pathetic wimps) per year to support Walmart employees.

  • Walmart also employs spying tactics on employees who talk about unions.
  • Walmart also invests in life insurance of its employees. This is not meant to imply that the employees family get any of the money in the event of the death of the insured. Just sayin’.
  • They also expect employees to work off the clock.
  • Walmart owes 100’s of millions, maybe billions of dollars, in unpaid hours. They make it a point to rob their poorest employees. The have also been busted for using illegal immigrant labor.

Walmart: The High Cost of Low Prices By Robert Greenwald

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