Web Warriors

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Web Warriors

A Cyberwarfare Documentary

This video documentary dives into the interesting topic of cyber warfare, hacking, and web security.

The internet has almost become a back alley of sorts, a hood for criminal activities and digital purse snatching via malware, trojans, hacking, and viruses.

One of the main characters is Mafia Boy, a 15 year old high school student who launched a Distributed Denial of Service Attack on Yahoo!, Ebay, CNN and Dell. – Source

Web Warriors offers a first time look into the criminal underground of the interwebs and also offers rare interviews with the digital cops at the FBI, Pentagon, NATO, and other military and alphabet groups.

Also in Web Warriors;

  • The first identification of the Blaster worm was documented and was likely responsible for the New York City Blackouts of 2003.
  • Online viruses can cause real world issues.
  • The internet was not built for security, or with security in mind.
  • A professional hacker who took over the Indian government’s infrastructure was talked with.
  • A group of hackers could take down the United States infrastructure within a day.
  • The Defcon hacker convention was featured.
  • Mafiaboy, the inventor of the DDOS attack first used on Yahoo, CNN, and Dell, was also covered in Web Warriors.
  • The Microsoft Word Virus, spyware, was also chronicled and described.
  • The Russian Mafia is known to buy credit card numbers from hackers.
  • War Driving is also defined. War driving – Driving around looking for insecure networks to hack into.


Web Warriors | A Cyberwarfare Documentary

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